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Wireless Penetration Testing


Regulate the security posture of the wireless network

Wireless security penetration testing assesses the adequacy of multiple security controls designed to protect unauthorized access to your wireless services. Testing attempts to exploit wireless vulnerabilities to gain access to private (protected) wireless SSIDs or to escalate privileges on guest SSIDs intended to be isolated from private networks.


Expanding your network capabilities can be done well using wireless networks, but it can also be a source of harm to your information system. Deficiencies in its implementations or configurations can allow confidential information to be accessed in an unauthorized manner. This makes it imperative to closely monitor your wireless network while also conducting periodic Wireless Network assessments.

Wireless Network Assessment Methodology:

 i . Identify available and vulnerable services and determine security setting Encryption

ii. Inspect acees control

Assess WEB/WPA/WPA2 encryption and advance attack on their encryption 

iii. User Authentication, devices authentication mutual authentication physical security 

iv. Access the physical location of the APS and highlight any lack of physical control 

v . Discovery of approval and rouge Acces point and SSID (any), Discovery of rogue device existing network management implement 

vi. Indentation target to be included in assessment allowed boundaries wireless devices  configuration 

Problem Statement :

i. Identifying Wireless Interference

ii. Areas of High-Density Users

iii. Low-Powered Devices or Applications Accessing the Wireless Network

iv. Addressing the Ever-Higher Demands of Users

v. The Service offered by eSecForte provides tactical analysis and strategic assessment of the risks of your wireless implementations.

vi. We utilize the same techniques the hackers use and provide a realistic view of your susceptibility to network attacks.

vii. We help you determine if your systems, data, and wireless users are being protected and improve wireless network security and mitigate possible threats.

viii . We provide insight into all wireless security challenges like weak encryption, rogue access points, and insufficient client configurations.

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